Who are the Blue Knights


         The Blue Knights started in April 1974, when a small group of Bangor-Brewer, Maine, Law Enforcement officers organized a local recreational motorcycle club. In following years the organization mushroomed into an International Motorcycle Club with chapters in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Belgium, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The Blue Knights have been very active throughout these countries on fund-raising projects such as Heart Fund, Cystic Fibrosis, Ronald McDonald House, children’s wards in hospitals, Nursing Homes. Abused Women and Children, Handicapped Children’s Camps, Cerebral Palsy and many other Charities too numerous to mention. The Blue Knights joins law enforcement personnel around the world in a fraternal organization which includes federal, state, provincial, county and local police; all of whom enjoy recreational motorcycling. The Club is dedicated to improving the motorcycling image, promote safety and promote motorcycling as a family recreation, and just having fun.

Rewards of Knighthood

If you are wondering what makes the Blue Knights so special, perhaps the following will explain the kinds of feelings that flow when a bunch of motorcycle-riding police officers get together.

Knighthood is:

Enjoying the company of different people, who not only share the common bond of law enforcement but also the love of motorcycles. Being able to visit your friends in any of our member’s countries and be treated like family. Receiving get-well cards from people you’ve never met. (There are no strangers in the Blue Knights, only friends you haven’t met yet.) Also we ride with the Ladies of the Knights who give that additional family-touch atmosphere. Or seeing the smiles of handicapped children’s at camps, when giving the kids rides and just having fun with them.

Being a Blue Knight is all this and so much more.

Who Qualifies?

Any person, who are full or part time police officers with powers of arrest, that are paid by a governmental agency, any person who is retired from a full-time Law Enforcement Agency or receiving a disability income from a Law Enforcement Agency. The person must own a motorcycle or anticipate obtaining a motorcycle within 6 months and be properly licensed to drive a motorcycle.

If you are interested in our group and would like to know more about us, E-mail any VA 1 Chapter Officers or call:

Blue Knights International

Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc.

International Headquarters

38 Alden StreetBangor, Maine 04401

Phone: (207)947-4600

Fax: (207) 947-5814